I will follow you down any path you choose to take,
Even the ones that just happen and aren’t choices.
No matter where it leads or where it’s from,
If its to somewhere we can see; or nowhere in particular.
I shall follow you or guide you,
As you have guided me so far in life already.
I care not of how bumpy or bendy the road,
I wish only that I am there with you.
Our roads aren’t to be taken alone,
They run alongside each other; so close they are one.
We follow our hearts to live our dreams,
And in my heart I know, one day we will reach the destination we are searching for.
Wether we know it or not.
But together.

- original poem by geepoetry

Sometimes when it storms
I run upstairs and prop open the window
Just for a moment I can stand there smelling the tangy wind and
Hearing the impatient raindrops dive toward the ground in a symphony
My mother says I will catch my death one day
Of what I am not sure
The wind or the cold or the rain
But I think what she fears most is the leaning out the window and the rush of filling ones lungs
With something that isn’t safe
That isn’t tame
Something that tastes slightly harsh like the burnt edges of the sky and sweet like the beginnings of spring falling into my pores
Something unexpected
When I am alone and it rains I put on my best shoes and dance
There’s a liberation in feeling the frigidness soak through your skin but it cannot drench your smile
Rainy days remind me to feel
Falling in love
Is technically the same thing as throwing open the window when the rain is coming in sideways
Lungs overwhelmed with the scent of things stirred up from the earth and other things pouring from the open sky
Eyes blurred but senses acute
Wind whipping through your hair and your fingers pressed to the windowsill
Love makes me want to climb out, shimmy down the outer walls that enclose the confines of this house and dance around the puddle spotted driveway, mud sticking to my bare toes
My mother never walks in the rain without an umbrella
When she met you, she told me to shelter myself
To love you carefully from behind a protective layer of apathy, if at all
But I like to tear down the sidewalk, soaking the cuffs of my jeans
Damp hair sticking to my cheeks
You are not the kind of person who wears a raincoat
You are lightning edges and intensity
Mother thinks I am standing in the middle of a lake in a thunderstorm
She is never there to see the times when you are a drizzle that blankets my thoughts in cotton and sings me to sleep
All the moments when you are music
Replenishment to the cracked layers of my soul that forgot many springs ago how to need
When you are a soft glow of hope
When you are mist clinging to the flowers I see every morning
You are the downpour that washed the ash ridden tear streaks from my cheeks that first afternoon we met
You drowned out the static with a drumbeat
Rain on a tin roof
Mother asks how I can bear to love a rainstorm
How I can think I was saved by a flood
I tell her you didn’t save me
You weren’t the one who planted hope seeds in my skin
I did that long ago when the soil packed around my heart was still full of blood drying around the roots of dead trees
I planted them there and prayed and prayed for them to germinate
I grew myself a scraggly skinny lopsided hope tree
It’s just that
When I met you, flowers began to blossom on it and
The soil thawed and softened
I told her, Mother,
You can be a stubborn gardener
But sometimes alone is not strongest
Sometimes we pray for rainclouds
They bring life from the most unconventional of sources
From the ominous unknown comes a soothing gift
You may look like a flood
But you are a spring thaw
You are the cloud cover that blesses hot summer afternoons
Make no mistakes, you sear like lightning sometimes
But the truth is I do to
Even the best of us char the earth we love sometimes
And together we paint rainbows
If my mother looked up at the sky
Maybe she wouldn’t worry so
About my fragile heart
Sometimes you have to dance alone under the open sky
Wash the dust from your tired eyes
Open the window when the rain is coming in sideways
And remember how to feel
There will be a rainbow
It comes from the most unexpected of dark places
The clouds are not omens
They are the precursors to life
All of us stumble into each other in the dark
Unexpected bringers of futures we must learn to share
Sometimes we need
Sometimes we are weak
Sometimes we find each other in our thirst for human company
Sometimes we are rainstorms, and sometimes we are the parched earth
Does that make us walking destruction?
The collision of two opposites?
Or does it just make us alive
Misunderstood painters of spring
We were all once children playing in puddles
Finding the beauty in the messiest of things
When did we learn to stop running in the rain?
I choose you for your lullaby tapping on my skylight at night
When you are the last thoughts clinging to my eyelashes before sleep
I choose you for the clean smell of spring
For washing my skin of stubborn solitude in the rain
I choose you for the occasional thunderstorms
And the reconciliation of a rainbow in their wake
I am sorry mother, I will not bring an umbrella as a shield
If love is a rainstorm then
I want to always remember how it feels

How to Love a Rainstorm

Original Poem by themidorineko

(via themidorineko)